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Great Pyramid of Khufu
 El Giza

 On BC2600 to BC2480, building type was pyramid tomb, monument. Construction system was bearing masonry (cut stone) of Ancient Egyptian style. Called 'Pyramid of Cheops' or 'Khufu's Pyramid', near Cairo, the farthest north and east of the famous trio. Ancient Egyptian, Fourth Dynasty. Photo by Changyong Shin on 2004.


Sphinx, Great Pyramid of Khufu
 El Giza


Photo by Changyong Shin on 2004.


Great Pyramid of King Cheops
 El Giza


Photo by Changyong Shin(31/2004), Haenam Lee(#2/1995).


 El Giza

 Photo by Changyong Shin on 2004.


Early Pyramids

Early Pyramids are small and simple. Early pyramids were mounds of rubble to protect the dead from animals. Photo by Changyong Shin on 2004.


Step Pyramid

 The pyramid of Zoser(IIIrd dynasty), the first such to be built, rises in six stages to a height of 60meters. The step pyramid in Saggara, the tomb of the third Dynasty ruler Djoser or Zoser. People were buried on the west side of the Nile, where the sun sets. Photo by Changyong Shin on 2004.