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Oak Park & River Forest



Art and wind city-Overview from the John Hancock Building


Carson Pirie Scott Store

 Architect by Louis Henry Sullivan in 1899-1904. Originally Schlesinger & Meyer Store. Enlarged by Daniel Burnham in 1903-04.


Public Library

 Chicago Public Library and diagonally topped highrise on Michigan Avenue.


Smurfit-Stone Building
 East Randolph Street, Chicago

 Architect by A Epstein & Sons International Inc in 1983.


Wrigley Building

 Architect by
Graham, Anderson, Probst & White in 1919-22.


Tribune Tower
 East Illinois Street, Chicago


Architect by Gottlieb Eliel Saarinen, Adolf Loos, John Mead Howells & Raymond Mathewson Hood and others in 1922-25, hight 473'.


55 West Monroe
 West Monroe Street, Chicago

 Architect by Murphy/Jahn Inc Architects in 1908, 41th floors. One of the Helmut Jahn's first major project.


Santa Fe Building
 South Michigan Ave. Chicago

 Architect by D.H.Burnham & Company/Graham, Anderson, Probst & White in 1904, 17 floors.


Chicago Temple Building


Architect by Holabird & Roche in 1924.


Board of Trade Building
   141 W.Jackson, Chicago

 Board of Trade Building was built in 1929-30, architect by William Holabird & John Wellborn Root, U.S. mail box & elevator indicators and Art Deco lobby .


CNA Plaza
 325 South Wabash Ave. Chicago

 Architect by Graham, Anderson, Probst & White in 1972.


Harbour Point
 155 North harbor Drive, Chicago

 Architect by Solomon, Cordwell, Buenz & Associates in 1975. Photo by Byunguh Yu on 21 May 2003.


Chicago Federal Center

 Architect by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe on 1959-1974. Alexander Stirling Calder's 'Flamingo(1974)' stabile at the Federal Center frames 19th century buildings. Photo by Byunguh Yu on 21 May 2003.


The Four Seasons
 Bank One Plaza, Chicago

 Chagall Mosaic at National Plaza(1965-69). Photo by Byunguh Yu on 21 May 2003.


Richard J Daley Center
 Chicago, Illinois

Architect by CF Murphy Associates in 1965 for skyscraper, civic center office tower. Construction system is exposed Corten steel, weathering steel, cold temperate urban of Modern style. Austere rust-patinaed tower. Controversial 'The Picasso' sculpture at Daley Plaza(1963-65). Photo by Byunguh Yu on 21 May 2003.


Joan Miro Sculpture
 Richard J Daley Square, Chicago

Photo by Byunguh Yu on 21 May 2003.


Fisher Building

 Architect by
D.H.Burnham & Company in 1906.


John Hancock Center
  875 North Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois

 Architect by Bruce Graham/SOM in 1965-70 for commercial office tower, skyscraper. Construction system is steel frame of Modern style. Giant bracing criss-crosses facade. Fazlur Kahn, engineer on 1969. Photo by Byunguh Yu on 21 May 2003.


Water Tower
Chicago, Illinois

Built on 1867, never destroy in Great Fires. Water Tower, the only building to survive 1871 fire, & the Hancock Building. Photo by Byunguh Yu on 21 May 2003.


Sears Tower
  233 South Wacker Drive Chicago, Illinois

 Architect by Bruce Graham/SOM in 1970-76 for corporate headquarters, skyscraper, commercial office tower. Total area 418,000. Construction system is steel frame with bronze-tinted glass curtain wall of urban-Corporate Modern style. At 1454 ft, the tallest building in the United States. Until 1999, the world's tallest structure, Building and still has the highest occupied floor level in the world. 75-ft square tubes end at staggered levels to step back the overall massing. The stepback geometry of the 110-story tower was developed in response to the interior space requirements of Sears, Roebuck and Company. Photo by Byunguh Yu on 22 May 2003.


Overview from Sears Tower
  233 South Wacker Drive Chicago, Illinois

 Photo by Byunguh Yu on 22 May 2003.


Lake Shore Drive Condominium
 860-880, 900-910 Lake Shore Dr. Chicago, Illinois

 Architect by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in 1948-51 for skyscraper apartment towers, multifamily housing. Construction system is steel frame of urban near waterfront-Modern style by the lake shore.


Aon Center
 200 East Randolph St. Chicago, Illinois

Architect by Edward Durell Stone on 1973 as the Standard Oil Building. With 83 floors and a height of 346 m and total area 334,448, it is the second tallest building in Chicago, surpassed in height only by the Sears Tower. It is the fourth tallest in the United States and the 16th-tallest in the world. The building is managed by Jones Lang LaSalle.


McCormick Place
 Chicago, Illinois

 Architect by C.F.Murphy Associates in 1968-71 for large convention center. Construction system is steel frame, curtain wall enclosure- urban, waterfront of Modern style. Large-scale space frame, 1.4m deep, spanning 13.7m with 6.86m cantilevers.


United Airlines Terminal & Satellite, O'Hare
 Chicago, Illinois

 Architect by Helmut Jahn in 1985-88 for airport terminal, construction system is exposed steel frame of Modern with Victorian references style. Includes a great tunnel with a long moving walkway through kinetic light & sound sculpture. 


IBM Building
 Chicago, Illinois

Architect by Mies van der Rohe & C.F.Murphy Associates in 1969-71. 


333 Wacker Drive
 Chicago, Illinois

Architect by Kohn Pederson Fox Associates in 1979-83.


Auditorium Building
 Chicago, Illinois

 now Roosevelt University. Architect by Louis Henry Sullivan & Dankmar Adler in 1885-89. Sullivan adapts Richardson's Marshall Field Warehouse to a mixed-use building. It served as both a hotel and office building as well as an opera house seating about 4000, proclaimed by many to have the best acoustics in the world. At the time built it was the tallest building in Chicago. The base is heavily rusticated, like Renaissance palazzi. The original entrance was under the tower, a structure of 17 stories requiring heavy reinforcements. With load-bearing masonry walls, the building required the engineering genius of Adler, who also dealt with the problem of its being below the water level of nearby Lake Michigan.