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Kaufmann Residence 'Fallingwater'
 Ohiopyle, Bear Run-Mill Run, Pennsylvania

 In this poem of air, water and fire, Frank Lloyd Wright in 1934,38,48, construction system is reinforced concrete, stone-rural of Expressionist Modern style. Edgar J. Kaufman residence, cantilevers dramatically over rock outcropping and rushing stream. Sends out free-floating platforms audaciously over a small waterfall and anchors them in the natural rock. Something of the prairie house is here still; and we might also detect a grudging recognition of the I
nternational Style in the interlocking geometry of the planes and the flat, textureless surface of the main shelves. But the house is thoroughly fused with its site and, inside, the rough stone walls and the flagged floors are of an elemental ruggedness. Now Museum.  


Amelia S.Givin Public Library
   114 North Baltimore Avenue,Mt.Holly Springs

Richardsonian Romanesque (1870-95),One of the finest examples of the Richardsonian Romanesque is the Amelia S. Givin Public Library in 1890. The architect was James T. Steen from Pittsburgh. The Givins Library was made from brownstone quarried locally. This library is distinguished by outstanding moorish fretwork woodwork done by Moses Ransom from Cleveland. If you want to know more about this building and its woodwork or you have seen this kind of woodwork in another building please contact Paul Tucker at