From 'Time' 2000,'AGRAM' architectural information,,


Chalres Correa/1930-

 Born in Hyderabad, India. Indian Architect and city planner, Bombay.


Ando Tadao/1941-

Tadao Ando of Osaka, Japan is a man who is at the pinnacle of success in his own country. In the last few years, he has emerged as a cultural force in the world as well. In 1995, the Pritzker Architecture Prize was formally presented to him within the walls of the Grand Trianon Palace at Versailles, France. There is little doubt that anyone in the world of architecture will not be aware of his work. That work, primarily in reinforced concrete, defines spaces in unique new ways that allow constantly changing patterns of light and wind in all his structures, from homes and apartment complexes to places of worship, public museums and commercial shopping centers. Photo from Pr. Philwon Han on 2006.


Fumihiko Maki/1928-

Maki, who was born in Tokyo on September 6, 1928, studied with Tange at the University of Tokyo where he received his Bachelor of Architecture degree in 1952. Maki then spent the next year at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan where Eliel Saarinen's influence on the curriculum and as designer of the school's buildings was significant. 


Kenzo Tange/1913-

 Kenzo Tange was born in the small city of Imabari, Shikoku Island, Japan. He won the Pritzker Prize at the age of 74. Although becoming an architect was beyond his wildest dreams as a boy, it was Le Corbusier's work that stirred his imagination so that in 1935, he became a student in the Architecture Department of Tokyo University. 


Toyo Ito/1941-

 Born in Seoul, Korea. He graduated in architecture from Tokyo university in 1965. Projects are The cognacq-jay hospital in Paris, the M-hall at matsumoto, nagano and The mahler 4 Office Tower in Amsterdam.