CHUNGBUK/Boeun, Cheongju, Chungju, Danyang
, Jincheon, Okcheon


From Architeture in KOREA/KIRA 1988, Morning Calm Korean Air/Oct.2001,

Cheongwon Yeongdong


Ijidang-Private School/()
 Cheongsan-myeon, Okcheon, Chungbuk

This was the private school where Jo Heon(1544-1592) conducted specific education for brilliant children in the neighborhood. Photo by Byunguh Yu on 18 July 2010.


Birth House of Poet Jeong Jiyong / ( ʫ)
 Hage-ri, Okcheon-eup, Okcheon, Chungbuk

 On 1988, the government lifted the banning and right after that those who Poet Jeong Jiyong(1902-1953). Birth house was restored to be publicly revealed. Photo by Byunguh Yu on 10 January 2007.


 Cheongsan-myeon, Okcheon, Chungbuk

Photo by Byunguh Yu on 30 March 2008.


Beopjusa Palsangjeon-Temple/ֻ Ȼ( )
 280-2 Sanae-ri, Songlisan-myeon, Boeun, Chungbuk

Built on 1605-26, five story wooden tower. Photo by Byunguh Yu on 8 February 2008.


Beopjusa Daewoongbojeon-Temple/ֻ ( )
 280-2 Sanae-ri, Naesongli-myeon, Boeun, Chungbuk

Built on 1624, National Tresure No.915. Photo by Byunguh Yu on 8 February 2008.


99 Kan Old House of Seon Byeongguk/99ĭ() (ܹͯ)
 154 Gaean-ri Jangan-myeon, Boeun, Chungbuk

Built on 1919-21, photo by byunguh Yu on 15 September 2008.


Choi Taeha House/ ( ʫ)
 Seongok-ri, Samseunh-myeon, Boeun, Chungbuk

Built on 1892, photo by byunguh Yu on 15 September 2008.


Sangdang Fortress/꼺(߾ߣ)
 Sanseong-dong, Sangdang-gu, Cheongju, Chungbuk

Built in 1596, rebuilt in 1716, length 4.2km and 3-4 meter hight. Historic site No.212 (1970).   


Jungang Pagoda/߾ž()
 Tappyeong-ri, Gageum-myeon, Chungju, Chungbuk

National Treasure No.6-14.5 m height. Located on middle site of Korea. Photo by Byunguh Yu on 1 January 2010.


Mireuksaji-Temple Site/̸(گ)
 Mireuk-ri, Suanbo-myeon, Chungju, Chungbuk

Located Mt.Wueolaksan National Park. The old Mireukri Temple was built of stone im the early era of the Koryeo Dynasty. Many folktales and legends surround this temple.


 132-1 Baekja-ri, Youngchun-myeon, Danyang, Chungbuk

Headquarter of Cheontae, Buddist in Korea. Photo by Byunguh Yu on 10 October 2003.


 Dodam-ri Maepo-eup Danyang, Chungbuk

Photo by Byunguh Yu on 1999 & 2004.


Jincheon Nonggyo/õ ( )-ٸ
 601-32 Gugok-ri, Munbaek-myeon, Jincheon, Chungbuk

Built in early Koryeo Dynasty, 93.6m long in Sehgeumcheon. Most old and long bridge in the Oriental. Photo by Byunguh Yu on 1 March 2009.


Botapsa Temple/ž()
 483 Yeongok-ri, Jincheon-eup, Jincheon, Chungbuk

Built by Yeongil Kim & Huihwan Jo on 1996. Height 42.7m & 3rd floors. Photo by Byunguh Yu(#1-3/23 November 2008, #4/1 March 2009).