From 'Explore worldwide'1999'.'The Guinness Book of Records 1988','. Special Thank you for  Smile Rhada.

Beijing Auhui-Huangshan Fujian-Xiamen Gansu-Lanzhou Heilongjiang-Harbin Hongkong Hunan-Changsha,Zhangjiajie Jiangsu-Suzhou Jiangxi Jilin-Changchun,Jilin City Liaoning-Heungseng,Liaoyang,Shenyang Macau Qinghai-Xining Shanghai-1-2 Shannxi-Xi'an,Lin Tong Sichuan-Chengdu,Leshan,Langzhong Xizang(Tibet)-Lhasa Zhejing-Hangzhou


The Great Wall
     Beijing, Tianjin City & Hebei Province

 Completed 2,200 (BC214) years ago, is visible from the moon. Its construction was one of the Qin Shihuang's (BC 246-210) greatest achievements. Construction system was brick bearing masonry of Ancient Chinese style. 2,260km long, running generally east-west along the northern edge of China. The square watch towers may date to 1368, when the wall was extensively repaired. The Guinness Records of 1988, World's longest wall-main line lengh of 3,460km, it has a further 2,860 km of branches & spurs. Its height varies from 4.5-12m and it's up to 9.8m thick. It runs from Shanhaikuan, on the Gulf of Pohai, to Yumenkuan and Yang-kuan and was kept in repair up to the 16th century. On 1985 a report from China stated that a 5-year-long survey proved that the total length had been 9,980km.


The Great Wall
     Beijing, Badaling

 Photo by Byunguh Yu on 29 March 2007.


    Shandong Province


 Photo by Backyoung Oh on 2007.


Zhuhai City View
    Guangzhou, Guangdong Province


 View from border of Macau. Photo by Byunguh Yu on 26 January 1992.


    Kashigar, Kunqirap, Xinjiang Province


On the Karakoram Pass from Kashgar, China to Gilgit of Pakistan. Photo by Wooyoung Kho on June 2008.


    Xinjiang Province


Near the border of Pakistan. Photo by Wooyoung Kho on June 2008.