From  The world atlas of Architecture' John Julius Norwich/Portland House,1988, 20th Century Architecture PART I,2/1991.


Horyuji Temple
  Ikaruga, Nara


 In 607, construction system was wood timber with tile roof of Ancient Japanese style. Multi-tiered roof, in an asymmetrically planned complex. Photo by Byunguh Yu(#1,2/August 1996), Byunggu Yu(#3,4/August 1996).


Todaiji Temple
 Nara Park, Nara

 Largest wooden building in the world. Photo by Byunguh Yu(#1,2/August 1996), Byunggu Yu(#3-5/August 1996).


City Museum of Photography
 600-1 Takabatake-cho, Nara

 Architect by Kisho Kurokawa in 1989-91. Building area:664m², Total floor area:2,313m², Reinfored concrete/basements and steel structure, 2 basements+1 story. The Nara city Museum of Photography was built by the city of Nara to house the negatives of images and a personal collection of work received as a gift from the late photographer Yasukichi Irie, a resident of Nara who captured the town and Buddhist images on film throughout his life. Photo by Byunguh Yu in 25 August 1996.



 Photo by Byunguh Yu in August 1996.



 Photo by Byunggu Yu in August 1996.



 Photo by Byunggu Yu in August 1996.