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Edinburgh Castle
    Castle Rock

 The most famous castle in Scotland, the Castle Rock and the Royal Mile are perhaps the world's best example of the geological feature known as the 'crag and tail'. Its origin goes back about 340 million years. Hot molton rock rose through the earth's crust and spread ash and lava over the landscape to form a huge cone-shaped volcano. The largest castle in Scotland, with a major axis of 402m and measuring 1,025m along its perimeter wall including the Espanade. Photo by JS Park who member of CFC on 2004.


Eilean Donan Castle
    Loch Duich

 Most romantic setting of castle on Scotland's northwest coast.
One of dozens of castles strategically sited overlooking bays and anchorages, in on age when fleets of galleys carried trading and warrior clansmen between the islands and up the long sea lochs of the western seaboard. Photo by JS Park who member of CFC on 2004.