From LG/1999 Calendar & Korea Insight.




Stripbar Door of Yangjindang
  It's a Ryu's head family traditional house
in Hahwo folk village, Gyungbuk Province.


Fence of Munchungsa
 In Daejeon City, 
Bamboo means to save our country all his life
and ivy save his house.


Handrail of Juhapru
 Study room for the scholar, government official
It's near the bedroom and living room.


 Backyard Brick Chimmy
  Chimmy was very close near the backyard.


Sight through the Bamboo Blind
  We see the courtyard throught the
bamboo blinder almost fog frame of Songsogotaek in Cheongsong .


Fence of Soswewon
Standars of Korean garden in Damyang.
Fence make way to the inside garden for strems.



Totem Pole of Oweam Traditional Village
Welcome celemony from enterance of old village
is this Great general of heaven.


Main Gate of Sammaedang
Symbol of National Flag is center point of main gate,
every traditional houses.


Roof Tile of Dosolcheon
 Suungyo Cheondan in Yuseong, Daejeon has powerful roof tile, 
Shape like dragon fly to the sky.


Column of Yeogyeonam
 The column is not streight, but it harmony of beam and window,
naturally colour with surounding.


Mt.Gejok Okryugak
 Rock is strong and Water is wide, but small house is beautiful.


 Kimchi Pot
  Clusters of black clay pot on the backyard.


Leaf Roofing
 We make hay-roof all together in the fall season for thankgivingday.


Common House of Oeam Maeul
This roof was islated from thr sun light in the summer, and sva energy in the winter.
And it's was easy to get, anywhere.


 Dongam Gate of Suwon Castle
 There are 5 secret gates.One of this gate was useful and smart.


 Standing Type Gate
 This gate for man with high ranked at Changdeokgung,Yeongyeongdang.
White and black colour was the heart of really love each others.


 Wood Roofing
 They made from coulum by wood and earth, live free.
Most of mountains site.


 Pre-history House
Near the Dunsan Daejeon, they built a house like this style.


 Master Bedroom
 Korean heating system was Ondol andwood pannel.
In the summer used the bamboo blaket.