From AGRAM' architectural information,The world atlas of architecture/J.J.Norwich 1988.Living Space 'Koneman' 1999,


Palace of Schonbrum
 Schonbrunner Schloss Strasse

 Architect by J.B.F.v. Erlach and others in 1696-1882. Former Imperial Summer Palace of Schõnbrum. Photo by Eunhwa Eom on 2001.


Maria Theresien Platz
   Burgring, Vienna

 Statue of Maria Theresien and Foutain. Photo by Jungryul Kim on September 2007.


Kunsthistorisch Museum
   Maria Theresien Platz,Vienna

 Photo by Jungryul Kim(#1-3/2007), Eunhwa Eom(#4/2001).


Museum Quartier
   Maria Theresien Platz,Vienna

 Photo by Jungryul Kim on September 2007.


St.Stephen's Cathedral
 Stephans Platz,Vienna

 St Stephen's Cathedral was built in 1300c-1510.This Cathrdral is the tallest church in Vienna. Photo by Byunggu Yu(#1-3/1992), Eunhwa Eom(#4/2001).


Karlskirche/St.Charles Borromeo
 4 Karlsplatz,Vienna

Architect by Johann B.Fischer von Erlach on 1715-37. Construction system was bearing masonry of Baroque Rococo style,in fulfilment of a vow made by the emperor during the plague of 1713. The architecture alludes to Hagia Sophia in Istanbul as well as to classical triumphal columns (those of Trajan and Marcus Aurelius in Rome) on each side of the entrance. One of the finest churches of the High Baroque period. Photo by Byunggu Yu on 1992.


St.Leopold 'am Steinhof'
 Landes Heilund Pflegeanstalt,Vienna

Architect by
Otto Wagner on 1904-07. Built for the Lower Austrian Institution and Sanatorium, this church occupies a commanding position on the hills of the Vienna woods. Its gleaming dome can be seen from many high vantage points in the city of Vienna. Although the church is built of brick, it is sheathed with sheets of white marble which are fastened by marble bands and bolts with copper tops. The dome is also copper tile. The iron windows were also coated with copper. Photo by Byunggu Yu on 1992.



 Photo by Jungryul Kim on September 2007.


State Opera House

 The Vienna State Opera House opened in 1869 with a performance of Mozart's "Don Giovanni". Photo by Eunhwa Eom on 2001.


Obelia Park


Photo by Eunhwa Eom on 2001.


Statue of Mozart

 Photo by Eunhwa Eom on 2001.



 Built and designed on 1903-06 by Friedrich Ohmann. Photo by Jungryul Kim on September 2007.


Johann Strauss Statue

 Photo by Jungryul Kim(#1,2/2007), Eunhwa Eom(#3/2001).



 Photo by Jungryul Kim on September 2007.