From Henri Ciriani-Institut Francais d'Architecture/HS Limm & JY Jeong-Migeonsa,


Chateau de Versaille
 Versailles, Ile de France


 The spectacular and theatrical asspects of Versailles are well known; its facade 415 meter. In the small village of Versailles outside Paris, Louis XIII. in 1624 had a hunting lodge built, which was soon, however, replaced by a larger building. Photo by Byunggu Yu(#3,7/1991), Moonsoo Gwak(#4,5/1992), Yongchan Seol(#5/1992).


Chateau de Versaille, Garden
 Versailles, Ile de France


 Design by Andre Le Notre in 1662. Photo by Byunggu Yu(#4,6/1991).


Chateau de Versaille, Fountain
 Versailles, Ile de France



 Photo by Byunggu Yu(#2/1991), Moonsoo Gwak(#3/1992), Yongchan Seol(#4/1992).


Chateau de Versaille, Chapel
 Versailles, Ile de France

 The Chapel, one of the last parts built (Jules Hardouin-Mansart and Robert de Cotte) in 1710 at Louis XIV's command, one of the architectural highlights.


Chateau de Versaille, Les Gloires de la France
 Versailles, Ile de France



Chateau de Versaille, Path
 Versailles,Ile de France


 Photo by Yongchan Seol(#1/1992), Byunggu Yu(#2/1991).


Former House of Marianne Antointte
 Versailles, Ile de France

 Photo by Yongchan Seol on 1992.