From AGRAM' architectural information,'Morning Calm'from KAL November 2000,'


Le Seine



 Photo by Jinseong Hwang(#2/2004), Byunggu Yu(#3/1991), Yongchan Seol(#4/1992).


Pont Mirabeau


 This iron bridge was constructed during the years 1893-96 using the plans of Jean Resal. It was inaugurated by President Felix Faure on 1897. Photo by Byunggu Yu(#1,2/1991).



 Architect by Pierre des Isles & Baptiste Androuet Du Cerceau on 1578-1607. Most beautiful bridge in Paris. Photo by Byunggu Yu(#1,2/1991), Yongchan Seol(#4/2002).


Alexandra III Bridge

This iron bridge-107 meter longth and 40 meter wide is classed as a 'Monument historique,' representative of late XIXth century architecture and decoration. Architect by Resal et Alby on 1896-1900, and inaugurated as the Universal Exposition of 1900 opened. It was completely renovated in 1991. Photo by Jinseong Hwang on 2004.


Pont au Change

 Built on c.860, rebuilt on 1858. Photo by Yongchan Seol on 2002.


Pont d'Austerlitz

 Architect by Becque-Beaupre on 1855. Photo by Byunggu Yu on 1992.


Pont de Bercy
   1 bd de Bercy, Paris

 Near Ministry of Finance. Built on 1832 & 1864.


Pont de la Concorde

 Architect by Perronet on 1791. Photo by Byunggu Yu on 1992.


Pont de la Tournelle


 Built on 1369 & 1858. Photo by Byunggu Yu on 1992.


Pont des Arts


 Architect by A.-L. de Cessart on 1802, rebuilt on 1983-85. Photo by Byunggu Yu on 1992.


Riverside View

 Photo by Byunggu Yu(#1/1992), Yongchan Seol(#2-4/2002).


Palais Bourbon

Architect by Lorenzo Ghiardini on 1722-1806. Photo by Yongchan Seol on 2002.


Statue of Liberty


Near the Pont de Grenelle.


Quai Andre Citroen


 From Quai de Genelle on le Seine. Photo by Yongchan Seol(#2,3/2002).


Tour Cristal/Bureaux
Quai Andre Citroen, Paris

Architect by Julien Penven & Jean Claude Le Bail on 1990. Photo by Yongchan Seol(#2/2002).


Novotel Paris Tour Eiffel
 Quai de Grenelle, Paris

 Architect by Julien Penven & Jean Claude Le Bail on 1976.Former Nikko hotel. Photo by Yongchan Seol in 2002.


Tour Totem/207 Luxury Flats
55,Quai de Grenelle, Paris

Architect by Pierre Parat & Michel Andrault on 1978. Photo by Yongchan Seol(#2/2002).