EUROPE-UNITED KINGDOM/England-London-West End 



From 'The Bonnie Scotland'1988, Colourful London A.N.Court 1971,,,


British Museum
 Great Russell Street, West End

 Built in 1823-47 donated from Sir Hans Sloane(1660-1753), to house its collection of antiquities and the National Library, the British Museum is one of the richest cultural institutions in Europe. The architect, Robert Smirke, deployed an uncompromising classicism which is typical of the first half of the 19th century.


British Museum Great Court
    Great Russell Street, West End


 Architect by Norman Foster & partners on 2000. Photo by Jaewook Yu on 2005.


Piccadilly Circus
   West End

 Often been called the hub of the Commonwealth, and it is certainly one of the 17th century and was once notorious as a venue for duellists. Photo by Byunggu Yu(#1/1991), Jaewook Yu(#2-6/2005).


Statue of Eros/Angel
 Piccadilly Circus, West End

 The famous statue of Eros in Piccadilly Circus is one of the symbols of London. Originally called the Shaftesbury Monument, having been erected as a memorial to the philanthropist Lord Shaftesbury in 1892. The actual figure rises above a fountain, which is made in bronze, but Eros is made out of aluminium, at that time a rare and novel material. The sculptor was Alfred Gilbert RA, and he used the fountain idea as an excuse for incorporating a variety of fishes and crustaceous life in the design. Photo by Jaewook Yu(#1/2005), Jungryul Kim(#2/2007).


China Town
 Piccadilly Circus, West End


 Photo by Jaewook Yu on 2005.


Apollo Theatre
 Piccadilly Circus, West End


 Pop singer Sir Cliff Richard play here Rock Musical 'HeathCliff' in 1996. Photo by Jisook Park on 2004.


Charing Cross Station
 West End

 Architect by Terry Farrell in 1987-91. Photo by Byunguh Yu(#1,2/1994), Jaewook Yu(#3/2005).


Hungerford Bridge
 West End

 Hungerford Cable-Stayed Pedestrian Bridge. Photo by Jaewook Yu on 2005.


All Souls Church
 Langham Place, West End


 Architect by John Nash in 1823-24. Near Regend Park & Street. Famous artcle 'Ecco Homo' drawn by Richard Westall was heled and Sir Cliff Richard's Church. Photo by Jisook Park on 2004.


Dome Coffee Bar
 Soho Street, West End


 Cliff Richard sing here-Old name 'Two Eyes Coffee Bar'. Photo by JS Park on 2004.


 Hawley Crescent Camden, West End

 Architect by Terry Farrell in 1981-83. Graphic lettering was designed by D.Maxwell. Photo by Byunggu Yu on 1991.


Shopping Store
 West End


 Photo by Jaewook Yu(#1-3/2005), Wonsuk Cho(#4/2005).


The Crooked Surgeon
    5 lisle Street, West End

 Building for mixed used, 6th storey. Photo by Jungryul Kim on September 2007.