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Glasgow School of Art/Mackintosh Building
    167 Renfrew Street, Glasgow

 Architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh on 1896 and the first half of the building was completed in 1899 and the second in 1909. The Glasgow School of Art is regarded as one of the foremost institutions for the study of art and design in the world. Photo by Byunggu Yu on 1992.


Scotland Street School Museum
    Distric of Kingston, Glasgow

 Located in a former school built by Charles Rennie Mackintosh between 1903 and 1906. The building is one of Glasgow's foremost architectural attractions. It is located next to the Shields Road subway station. Photo by Byunggu Yu on 1992.


Willow Tea Rooms
    217 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow

 Architect by internationally renowned architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, which opened for business in October 1903. They quickly gained enormous popularity, and are the most famous of the many Glasgow tearooms that opened in the late 19th and early 20th century. Photo by Byunggu Yu on 1992.


Glasgow Travel Centre

 Photo by Byunggu Yu on 1992.


Dunfermline Wharf

 Situated near the centre of Dunfermline in West Fife at 2 Moodie Street is an 18th-century pantiled weaver's cottage where Andrew Carnegie the industrialist and benefactor was born in 1835. Photo by JS Park who member of CFC.


Peace Heaven House
    Dunfermline, Fife


 Photo by JS Park who member of CFC.


Loch Ness
    Culloden, Highlands


 Home of the world-famous monster, known affectionately to locals as 'Nessie'. For centuries sightings have been made of a mysterious creature said to inhabit the deep and murky waters of Scotland's most famous Loch. Photo by JS Park who member of CFC.


New Lanark

 Architect by Robert Owen in 1800-25. Photo by JS Park who member of CFC.


World Heritage Village
 New Lanark, Strathclyde

 Photo by JS Park who member of CFC.