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From 'Explore worldwide'1999'. 'Australia & NZ Encyclopedia' 1975, Discover Parramatta 1997.


Elizabeth Farm House
  Alice Street, Parramatta 

The oldest remaining building in Australia. From here Elizabeth Macarthur managed her husband's affairs during his long years of exile. The Farm was established at Parramatta in New South Wales by John Macarthur in 1793 on a land grant of 40.5 ha. A similar grant doubled its size the following year. It was here that Macathur began his sheep-breeding experiments which laid the foundations of the Australian wool industry, and he built a house there in 1973.


Lennox Bridge & Riverside Theather


 David Lennox designed an arched stone bridge over Parramatta River which replaced thr eralier wooden bridge built in 1802. Opened in 1839, considerable alterations have been made to cope with todays traffic. Home of the live entertainment. A huge choice of cinemas,including the National Trust classified Roxy Theathre.