Contemporary Architecture


from Weekend Herald 26 May 2001. New Zraland Times 2003, NEW ZEALAND ARCHITECTURE By Peter Shaw


Britomart Transport Centre
    Quay Street, Auckland


 Architect by Jas Max on 2003.


National Bank Centre

Architect by Glossop, Chan Partnership. These smart, shapely twin towers offer a welcome change from the all-pervasive box shape.


ASB Bank Centre

 Architect by Peddle, Thorp & Aitken in association with Peddle, Thorp & Harvey Pty Ltd. Spanish white granite and Italian mahogany granite spandrels give this 35-storey glass tower, more than many other high-rise buildings designed in the 1980s, a sense of permanence. The glistening Fior di Pesco marble, plate glass and brass detailing of the extensive public access area project an architectural image of grandeur and security.


Bank of New Zealand Tower

 Architect by Stephenson & Turner. In all its big black starkness a decade late to become the whipping boy of the architectural antiestablishment.


Aotea Centre

 Architect by Ewan Wainscott & Auckland City Council architects. Dated, derivative, ill-planned and costly, this long-awaited building was the decade's major disappointment. Vigorous artworks have been chosen to make something of foyer spaces which are either too cramped or, like this one, faced in expensive, head-surfaced materials which reflect rather absorb sound.


Fay, Richwhite Building

 Architect by Dino burratini with Peddle, Thorp & Aitken. The building's staggered and faceted glass forms are interesting from every vantage point.


School of Music
    University of Auckland, Auckland/1980

 Architect by Manning, Mitchell. Oytside the grand piano shaped wall, which serves as an effective barrier against traffic noise, the architects have incorporated the Edwardian Baroque entry porches of the house which formerly occupied the Symonds Street site.


Auckland Harbour Board Building
    Quay Street, Auckland/1980-83

 Architect by Dodd, Paterson Architects in association with Newman, Pearce. Regionalist visual links are so understated here as to deny the building the symbolic value its architects hoped for. The 'legs' supporting daring cantilevers reinforce a crustacean analogy.


Philips Aquastic Centre
    36 Alberton Avenue Mt.Albert, Auckland

 Photo by Byunguh Yu on 2002.


Shed 24 Apartment
    Prince's Wharf, Auckland/1999


 Architect by Leuschke Group Architects & developed Goodall ABL. Leuschke Group Architects Ltd was established in 1980 as the Avery and Leuschke Partnership. Building structure is reinforced concrete and structural steel framing, facade is glass reinforced concrete panels with paint finish, plaster finish over hardibacker aluminium cladding and sun shading. The transformation of six utilitarian World War II vintage cargo sheds on a wharf into one of Auckland's most striking developments has been achieved with panache.


Quay West

Located in Downtown, Before the Sky Tower it was the center point of Auckland City. Photo by Byunguh Yu(#1/2002, #2,3/3 July 2003).


Sky City Tower
    Victoria Street + Hobson Street, Auckland

 Stand high 328m symbol of Auckland, Architect by Craig Craig Moller Architects & Interior on August 1997. Construction by Fleccher Construction NZ & South Pacific Ltd. Main structure is 12m diameter concrete shaft.


 ANZ Building
     Victoria Street West, Auckland

 Photo by Byunguh Yu(#1,2/2004, #3/24 May 2009).


Citibank Centre
    Customs Street, Auckland/1987-89

by Warren & Mahoney. Although massively scaled, it integrates with its surroundings, particularly the corner-sited Dilworth Building.


Television New Zealand Centre
    Victoria Street West, Auckland/1985-89


 Architect by Warren & Mahoney. Playful shapes and bands of glass windows ensure that the vsterious but alluring processes which entertain the nation remair obscure.


Old Queen's Head Hotel
    Queen Strret, Auckland

 Architect by Warren & Mahoney. Now reduced to a thin shell as is the old building.


New President Hotel
    Victoria Strret West, Auckland


 Architect by Warren & Mahoney. The brief was for a single level building which ecpressed an atmosphereof tranquillity. Sited on the banks of Christchurch is Avon River, overlooking Hagley Park


Deloitte Building
    Auckland City

 Double Skin Facade.


Krukziener Tower

 The tallest residental in New Zealand, developed by Krukziener Properties, brings a touch of New York to the Auckland skyline. A 40-storey Metropolis was a big wy for Multiplex Constructions to make an entry to the New Zealand construction market. Architect by Peddle Thorp Aitken.


Grand Atrium, Auckland War Memorial Museum
    Auckland War Memorial Domain/2007



 Architect by Noel Lane, construction by Hawkins Conc. refurbishment on 2007.


Dog's Bollix Building
    Newton Road,Auckland

 The latest renovation for green color.


St Peter's College
    Downtown, Auckland


 Architect by Architectus Limited. Catholic school.


Mt.Albert Grammer School
    Mt.Albert Auckland



Southpac Building



Vodafone Building

 Construction on 2005. Photo by Byunguh Yu on 2006.


Uni Lodge
    Downtown, Auckland


 Near the Auckland University Campus. Photo by Byunguh Yu on 2007.


Union House
    Quay Street, Auckland/1980-84

 Architect by Warren & Mahoney. Exposed structure is here used ornamentally; connection joint are designed to be compatible with nautical shapes but they also perform a vital structural role. Photo by Byunguh Yu on 23 January 2003.