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Top Food Smuggled Out Of A Prison CHOW HALL

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Iron Fist Light Active Protection System (APS)

The Most Capable Active Protection System to Defeat the Widest Array of Threats

The Iron Fist Light takes active protection to the next level. Iron Fist Light is an easily configured add-on system applicable for armored platforms from light 4x4 vehicles up to medium and heavy Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFV).

The System’s hard-kill concept is based on intercepting the threat by launching a small warhead and initiating it at a safe distance from the protected platform, at a precisely calculated moment, and defeating or destructing the threat through a shock-wave effect.

Stechkin Automatic Pistol - APS

With some help from our good friends at Sellier \u0026 Bellot, Larry was able to get his hands on an incredibly rare Soviet machine pistol, the Stechkin APS.

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